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moral stories of english . 9 best short moral stories

moral stories of english
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moral stories of english :- Once a king was passing through a forest with his convoy for the purpose of hunting. The hunt was not far away, they slowly entered the jungle.



It was a few minutes away that he had seen some hiding places of the bandits. As soon as they approached him, the parrot sat on the nearby tree –


“Hold a hold, a king is coming. It’s got a lot of stuff. Loot the robber. Come quickly. Come quickly.”



All the robbers run by the throat of the parrot. The king and his men ran and ran away after seeing Dakuu coming towards his own.




Ran away and ran away. A large tree appeared in front. After some time he went to the tree to give up, as soon as he approached the tree, the parrot who sat on that tree had said – Come, Rajan, you are welcome in our holy mantra.



Come in and drink the water and relax. The king was surprised to hear this parrot and started thinking that how the behavior of two creatures of the same race can be so different.




The king did not understand anything. He obeyed the parrot and went towards the sage’s cottage, the monk bowed down to the Mahatma and narrated all his story.



And then slowly asked, “Why is the difference in the behavior of these two parrots, Rishiswar?”



Sadhu Mahatma listened to all the things with patience and said, “This is nothing but Rajan is the only side effect. Staying with the bandits, the parrot has started behaving like dacoits and started speaking their own language.




That is, the one who lives in the same environment becomes the same. It means that the fool also becomes a scholar by staying with the scholars and if the scholar remains in the company of the fools, then the stupidity in him also comes. That is why we should understand understanding.


  moral stories of english      


2-  good moral stories :- It was a matter of time that a monk lived in a village, he was a great devotee of God and used to do penance by sitting under a tree continuously. His Bhagwan had immense faith and the villagers used to respect him.




There was a very severe flood in the village once. Water started to appear on all sides, everyone started moving towards high places to save their lives.



When people say that the sadhu Maharaj still chanting the name of God sitting under the tree, he advised them to leave this place. But the sadhu said-



“You people save my life, my God will save me!”



Gradually the level of water went up, and the water reached the waist of a sadhu, so a boat passed from there.



The sailor said, “O Sadhu Maharaj, you will ride on this boat and I will bring you to a safe place.”



“No, I do not need your help, my God will save me! “Sadhu replied.



The boat went quietly from there.



After a while the floods became overwhelming, the share considered it proper to climb the tree and sit there and began to remember God.




Then suddenly he heard the voice of Garagadhat, a helicopter arrived to help him, the rescue party hanged a rope and requested the sadhu to capture him loudly.



But the sadhu then said, “I will not catch it, my God will save me.”



Rescue teams also left without them for their obstinacy.



In a while, the tree was flooded in flood and the sadhu died.



After death, the sadhu reached the paradise and spoke to God – “O Lord, I worshiped with your wholeheartedness … but when I was drowning in water, I could not save you, why is it, Lord?



God said, “O Sage Mahatma, I came to save you three times, not one, first, as villagers, second as a boatman, and third, as a helicopter rescue team. But you did not recognize these opportunities. ”




moral stories of english      


3- simple English story:- There was a cold knock in the beautiful forest, all the animals were engaged in preparing for the difficult weather.



Sugari bird was also one of them, like every year, she had prepared a wonderful nest for herself and covered her with chaos from the four sides to avoid sudden rain and cold.



Everything was going well, one day suddenly the lightning started crying and there was a lot of rain, due to unexplained rain, the cold also increased and all the animals started fleeing towards their own houses.



Sugari also came back to his nest while showing the speed, and started resting. It was only a few years since he came to see that a monkey came under the tree to save himself.



On seeing the monkey, Sugari said, “If you are so smart, why did not you build a house to avoid such a season?” On hearing this, the monkey got angry, but she kept quiet and tried to save herself under the tree. Began to do.




Sugari again said, “The whole heat spent here in a lazy way … It would be nice to build a house for yourself !!!” This monkey said in anger, “You mean to yourself, leave my worry two .”



Sugari became calm.

The rain was not taking the name of the halt and the winds were running fast, the poor monkey was shaking from the cold, and was trying hard to cover itself.



But Sugari had vowed to tease him, he again The quote, “I wish you had seen a bit strange today, this condition ….”



Sugari did not even finish his talk saying that the monkey said in frustration, “Be silent, do not stop this whispering again … .. keep these words of wisdom with you and do not try to become a pundit.” Sugari silent was Done.



So far enough water had fallen, the monkey was completely stunned and was shaking badly. So much so that he did not remain so and he said, “Learn to make a home at least now.” Soon after hearing this, the monkey immediately started climbing the tree… “Even if I do not know how to make a house but it breaks well …”, and saying that he broke the nagger’s nest. Now Sugari too had become homeless like a monkey and was shivering from the cold.



moral stories of english


4- short stories with moral values:-     A Buddhist monk was choosing wood from the forest to make food so that he saw something unique,



“How strange it is!”, He thought to himself without looking at the fox of the feet.



“After all, how is this alive?” She wondered, “and from the top, it is absolutely healthy”




He was lost in his ideas that suddenly he started to panic; The desert lion was coming towards that side. The monk went on a tall tree showing the speed and saw everything from there.




The lion had hunted a buck and was pressing it in his jaw and moving towards the fox, but he did not attack the fox but also put some pieces of meat to eat it.




“It is a great surprise, the lion is giving food to the fox rather than killing the fox.” The monk Boodbudaya, he was not trusting in his eyes, so he came again the next day and started hiding and waiting for the lion. Even today, Sher has put some part of his prey in front of the fox.




“This is proof of God’s being!” The monk said to himself. “He also arranges for his bread which he produces, like this fox from today, I will live on the mercy of the above, God will arrange for my food too.” And thinking like this, he went to a deserted place Sit down under the tree.




The first day was spent, but no one came there, some people passed away on the second day, but no one paid attention to the monk. Without eating without food – he was becoming weak. Likewise, a few more days passed, now his right strength also ended … he was not fit to walk-even to be fit. His condition was like a dead person, so a Mahatma passed over and came near the monk.





He narrated all his stories to Mahatma Ji and said, “Now tell us how can God be so merciless, is it not sin to reach a person in this condition?”




“Absolutely,” Mahatma Ji said, “But how can you be so silly? Why do not you understand that God wanted you to see him be like a lion, not like a fox !!! ”




moral stories of english


5- moral stories for adults:- Long ago, in a forest, a donkey was resting under the banyan tree and was resting.
He began to feel bad in his mind. He thought, “If the earth bursts, what will happen to me?”



He had just thought that he had a loud bang sound. She got scared and began to scream “Runaway, the earth is bursting, save your life … ..” And saying that he started running in a direction like crazy.



Seeing him so fiercely, another ass asked him, “What happened, brother, why are you going to run away like this?”



“Hey, you too run … save your life, the earth is bursting …”, so screaming he ran away.




After hearing this, the second ass was scared and started running away with it. Now both of them were shouting together- “Runaway, the earth is bursting … run away ….”




Seeing hundreds of donkeys repeating this thing, they started running in the same direction.



Seeing the donkey running like this, other animals are scared. The news of the tornado spread like a fire in the forest, and soon everyone came to know that the earth was bursting.



All the birds were screaming about, snakes, scorpions, cars, foxes, elephants, horses … all joined in that bunch and ran away.



The forest lion came out of the jungle, listening to the hailstorm spreading in the forest, resting in his cave, he did not believe in his eyes that all the animals were running in the same direction.



He jumped in front of everyone and resonated. Speaking with the roar, “What is madness? Where are you all running ??



“Sir, the earth is bursting !! Save yourself, too. “Next, in front of the herd talk to the monkey.



“Who said all this?”, Lion questioned



All started looking at each other’s face, then the monkey said, “I told this to the cheetah.”




Cheetah said, “I had heard it from the birds.” And doing such thing came to know that this was the first thing that asshole said.




The ass was called in front of Maharaj.




“How did you know that the earth is bursting?”, Sher asked angrily.




“Mumma, I heard the sound of the earth burst out from my ears !!”, asshole answered fearfully




“Okay, let me take that place and show that the earth is bursting.” The lion, carrying this saying, was pushing the donkey to the side.




The rest of the animals followed them and frightened them further. They reached the place and said to the donkey, “Hudhur, I was sleeping right here that when the sound of the earth burst loud, I saw the flying dust myself. Ran away ”




The lion went around and saw the whole thing. He said, addressing everyone, “This ass is a big story, in fact, there is a high tree of coconut, and by running high wind, a large coconut, lying on the stone, fell on the stone, And this donkey did not know how to understand the matter of exploding the earth. ”




The lion continued to speak, “But brothers, this is a donkey, but do not even have your brain, go, go home and think about ten times before believing on a rumor.”



moral stories of english 


6- moral stories in English for class 6:-

A woman came out of her house, she saw three saints- Mahatmas sitting in the white long beard in front of the house. They did not recognize them.


He said, “I do not recognize you, people, tell me what is the work?”



“We have to eat.”, The sadhus said.



“Okay! Please come to my house and take food. ”



“Is your husband in the house?”, A sage asked the question.



“No, he has gone out for a while.” The woman answered.



“Then we can not come in.” They all talked together.



Husband came back home in a little while, when he came to know about the saints, he immediately asked his wife to invite him back again.



And he did that, he went before the sadhus and said, “Yes, now my Husband is back, please you guys enter the house! ”



“We do not enter any house together.” The sadhus told the woman.



“Why is that?” The woman asked surprise.



In the middle of the answer, the sadhus said, “Daughter standing on my right side, the name of ‘Dhan’ and standing on the left side is the name of ‘success’, and my name is ‘Prem’. Now go and talk to your husband and tell him that you want to call us out of three. ”




The woman went in and told her husband everything. The husband became very happy “Wow, happiness has come, let’s quickly call ‘wealth’, by coming, our house will be filled with riches, and there will be no shortage of money again.”




The woman said, “Why do not we call success, whatever we will do by coming, will be right, and we will become the master of wealth and see.”




“Hm, your point is right, but hard work will be done in it, I feel like I have called the money.”, Husband said.



His argument continued for a while, but he could not reach any determination, and ultimately decided that he would say to the sadhus that whatever comes to be done in wealth and success.




The woman went out hastily and she urged this request in front of the sadhus.




Upon listening to him, the sadhus looked at each other and began to move away from the house without saying anything.



“Hey! Why are you going back like this? “The woman asked them to stop them.




“Daughter, in fact, all the three sadhus go to the doorways like this, and try to enter every house, the person who brings wealth or success by greed, we return from there, and who loves in my home We both want to come here and there.




So remember that where there is love, there is no shortage of wealth and success. “By saying that wealth and success, the sadhus called success have fulfilled their point of view.




moral stories of english  


7- moral stories for kids in English for competition:- There was so much enthusiasm in the disciples who were educated in Gurukul, their education of twelve years was getting fulfilled today.



And now they could return to their homes. Guruji was also pleased with the education initiative of his disciples and according to Gurukul tradition, he was preparing to give the last sermon to the disciples.



He said in a loud voice, “You all should be gathered in one place, I have to give you the last sermon.”



Following the orders of the guru, all the disciples gathered in one place.




Guruji had some wooden toys in his hand, showing the toys to the disciples, said, “You have to find a difference in these three toys.”




All the disciples carefully looked at the toys, the three were all the same looking guns made from wood. All were amazed at what could be the difference?



Only then someone said, “Hey, this look is a hole in this guddy.”



This sign was quite a lot, soon the disciples found out and spoke to Guru Ji,



“Guruji is the only difference between these things –



One has both holes in the ears


The other has an ear and a hole in the mouth,


And the third has only one ear hole ”


Guruji said, “That’s right, and he gave a thin string of metal and asked him to put it in the ear hole.”


The disciples did the same The wire first came out of one ear by the ear of the guy, the other got out of the mouth by the ears of the jugular and entered the ear of the third but could not get out from anywhere.




Then Guru Ji took the guddy from his hands and said, “Dear disciples, like these three pots, there will be three types of people in your life.



The first Gudda shows those people who will hear your ears from one ear and not share your problem with such people.



The second Gudda shows people who listen to you and speak to them in front of others, avoid them, and never tell them their important things.




And the third Gudda is a symbol of those whom you can trust, and can discuss them with any kind of advice, take advice, this is the people who are your strengths and they should never lose them. ”



moral stories of english   


8-  moral stories in English for class 7:- One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry.



He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door.



Instead of a meal, he asked for a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk.



He drank it slowly, and then asked, “How much do I owe you?”



“You don’t owe me anything,” she replied. “Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness.”



He said, “Then I thank you from my heart.”



As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.




Years later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease.




Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room.




Dressed in his doctor’s gown he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the case.




After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge and the bill was sent to her room.




She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally, she looked, and something caught her attention on the side of the bill. She began to read the following words:“



moral stories of english   



9- short stories in English with moral:- Shila Ghosh, an 83-year-old woman who lives in Pali in West Bengal, is a state in the eastern region of India and is the fourth largest population of the country.




His only son had heart problems and he died a few months ago. To complete the ends, the rock now works. Every evening, to sell cheese chips, shifts from Kolkata to Calcutta.




When asked if he has any problem with traveling, he smiled poorly and said: “No, just get me here and my health is not so bad”.



The circumstances could easily force him to beg, but his dignity and respect are everything for him, instead of begging on the streets, he is determined to work till the end of his life.



The story of Sufia Khatoon,

A college student in Kolkata



When we go to complain, we remember him …… He chose to solve his problems himself because he says that God helps them, who help them themselves.




Do not worry, Shila is being helped. Although he refuses to donate and prefers to live his life, many people find ways to help him to depend on him, i.e. bought more chips than him … something Also helping in building kiosks.


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