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moral stories in english
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moral stories in english There lived a farmer named Banwarilal in a village. He was a very hard working man. He used to feed his entire family on the strength of his hard work.





Once his village was heavily drained and the entire crop was spoiled. Banwarilal had put some flowers, he planted it with great effort and perseverance. He decided that no matter what happens, I will not let these flowers dry at any cost.





Banwari Lal took two pitches and after 5 villages started fetching water from a place where there was little water. He used to bring many rounds of water daily, there was a little hole in a pitcher from which a lot of water used to fall, yet he was happy.





One day while bringing water, Banvarilal heard some strange voice. When he looked back, he did not see anything, when he looked around and saw nothing there, when he noticed that both the pots were talking among themselves.





A pitcher said to another pitcher that there is a fault inside you, your waterfalls too much on the way… while my water reaches the whole house and I serve my master completely.




So what can I do in this… The owner should change me… The pitcher irritated and said



Ok … I will ask the owner to change it




Meanwhile, Banwarilal reached his house… and when he started going to fetch water for the third round, he was not ready to go to a bursting pit… since Banavarilal had listened to both… that’s why he loved He picked up both the clocks and started fetching water… When he started coming back with water, the clamor of both the clocks started.





I told you not to come … yet you came …. don’t even see the hard work of the owner … the right one said





I was not coming at all .. I was forced by the owner… I will not come at any cost after being released … said the pitcher





No … no … you have to come… Banvarilal said to the broken pot




Why ….. its water does not come to your benefit … the good pot said





Then Banavarilal turned from the pit of the good one…. Look at the second line, the line on which the water of the clock falls… how much greenery is there… how many under those little plants Small fat bugs are living happily… But this does not mean that I am ignoring you … In my eyes, both of you are equal … But both of you are proud of your pride If you stay the biggest It will be a loss …… today, we all have to fight together with this drought… have to fight this problem… not to fight amongst ourselves…. Both the clocks got the point… And then all the people together fought this drought… and won.





That is why it is said that boasting is a bad thing.




2-  Surendra was just posting on the new post of the inspector… He was very happy and confused too … The confusion was because the check-post on which he had his posting had a lot of illegal activities.




That caused a lot of loss of the revenue of the government and whoever tried to show honesty on that check post… was posted elsewhere on the very next day.





It was already told to Surendra. Was given …. and the peon of the same check-post who told him was “Jugal Kishore”, but it would be better to call him “Chugal Kishore” because he was on the same post for twenty years because of this “Chugli” .. ..How many constables, soldiers came… But Jugal Kishore was posted on the same check post as “Angad’s feet” … No one was born to remove him ….. How many times he was not promoted Was lured, but he would say “No … no, I Happy right here. ”






In fact, he used to earn more than the inspector and the Circle Officer. This morning, Jugal Kishore told Surendra that “Daroga Saheb, 15 trucks of Dayal Singh are going to go through this check post and some prohibited things are going to be sent to Nepal through him… But you don’t try to stop him. ..You are new, that’s why you are explaining to me … Many have tried … They have also suffered the consequences … I am also explaining to you “….. After saying this he went on laughing.





It was 6 in the evening. Surendra was in the same dilemma as to what to do and what not to do. Surendra was feeling that such an opportunity does not come again and again … by enduring the matter by taking ….. But his heart was not accepting.






He again thought that only people like Dayal Are ruining the country Even if my job goes away, but this time I will give such a lesson to Dayal that he may not have even thought in the dream.






At 7:30, the first truck arrived and stopped at the check-post because the road ahead was blocked, so Surendra came to the truck and shouted to the driver “What’s in this truck”.





It has dry food” … said the driver


Ok…I will check myself … After this, Surendra checked the truck, it was restricted in it. The cost of which was more than 1 crore.



Let’s put the car on the side… Lies… It has dry food … Surendra said in a loud voice




“Maybe you don’t know whose car it is” … the driver said smiling sarcastically



Walked the car side .. Surendra said scolding him





Seeing the strong attitude of Surendra, the driver put the car on the side … 14 trucks coming from the back side were also installed in the side.





It was ten in the night. Sensing the whole situation, Jugal Kishore told the whole thing to Dayal Singh… because that account was from the government but the song was from Dayal Singh.






Seeing the strong attitude of Surendra, the driver put the car on the side … 14 trucks coming from the backside were also installed in the side.





It was ten in the night. Sensing the whole situation, Jugal Kishore told the whole thing to Dayal Singh… because that account was from the government but the song was from Dayal Singh.




Shortly after Dayal Singh’s car stopped at the check post. With Dayal Singh, 2 men landed with 4 suitcases, Dayal went straight to Daroga Surendra and while keeping the four suitcases with him, he said that take it and leave the truck and accept this small gift and such gifts will continue to be received.



The car will not go. Dayal Singh … Whatever you do and take this gift with you too … Surendra said in a loud voice.




Okay … Sir, we are leaving… But for the first time in 25 years, we have found such a person who has such courage. You will definitely get this reward… Saying that Dayal Singh left from there.



Never mind… I’m already ready for this … Surendra said




That is what had to happen … In the morning, Jugal Kishore reached the office of Surendra with a letter from the elder officer and gave him a letter and came out with a sharp smile.




Surendra was already ready for this. He was taken out of his house for some time and after reaching home, he was considering the same thing with his father that IG D.P. Tiwari’s car stopped in front of the door. Your parents … who gave you such an education … that did not deter your honesty.




Because of your honesty, 14 vehicles were caught yesterday and even the richness of Dayal could not deter you. I’m proud of you The Chief Minister himself has taken this matter into consideration.




Your promotion has been ordered. Jugal Kishore has been suspended… and soon Dayal Singh will also be arrested…. We need a similar officer. I’m proud of you His Dayal Singh was arrested. The whole area became happy.




3- It is from a long time ago. Was a king of Egypt. He meditated on a deity and the deity was pleased with him and gave him a miraculous sword and said, conquer the world. On this, the king said, God has everything with me, then why should I go to conquer the world.




This deity stayed for some time and said thinking, take this Parasmani, get as much money as you want from it. On this, the king refused to take Parasmani, saying to God that I do not need any money.




On this, the deity gave him the nymph and said, “Here I am, I give you a beautiful nymph to live with. “The king said on this, I don’t need it either. Please tell me something better than this.




Gods got into big thinking and the story started, all human beings are struggling to get the same and I am giving you happiness yet you are refusing. Now you tell me what I should give you.




The king said, Lord! Just think if I wear a sword, its edge will go away one day and I have no need for nymph and money because it is a fascination and I don’t want attachment anymore.




The god said on this, what do you want then? Then the king said a tree plant.




Tree plant … God said with surprise



The king said yes, if you look at the beauty of nature, then you too are drawn to this earth. These plants are the main attraction of this earth.




Therefore, I want a plant that can work for humans. On this, the deity gave him a sapling and blessed him and left.




Friends are trees, there is earth and on earth there is life and there is life. … so save the tree. a life



4- One day Narada Ji was passing through the forest. He saw that a man was so much engrossed in meditation that a pile of termites was found all around him. Narada Ji appeared there, then the man bowed down to Narada Ji and asked “Munivar! Where are you going?”




Son, I am going to Vaikunth .. Narad Ji said… okay, Munishrestha… you accept one of my pleas… you come to Vaikunth and ask when I will get liberation… that man said.




Narada Ji gave him his approval… When he went ahead for some time, he saw another person meditating. Curiously, when he reached there, he too expressed the same desire to ask God when I will be liberated. Narada Ji also said yes to him.





While returning the second man came in a first way, he asked what God said about me .. Then Narada Ji said that to get me he would have to take four more births. On hearing this, he mourned and said how godless he is.




They have no concern with the devotees. When Narada Ji reached the termite man, he also repeated the same thing. On this Narada  Ji said that God said that the number of leaves in this tamarind tree before you, he will have to take as many births for liberation.






On hearing this, he began to dance happily and said, “God is so kind.” How much they care about their devotees. I do not mind. Then there is the voice of Akashvani and the voice comes from it, “Son!” This was your exam. You get salvation now ”.





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5- A child lived in a colony. He was very fearless and brave. While walking, he often went outside the township to the banks of the river and stopped there and returned.





His Baba loved him very much. He felt that someday he would not fall into the river. So one day he said to his son – “Son, don’t go alone to the river bank. The child asked – “Why?” Baba said – “There lives a ghost.” The child was very moved after listening to the ghost.




He had such a high rate in his mind that it became difficult for him to get out of the house. In the slightest, the ghost would stand in front of him.




Baba was very surprised to see this. Even in his dream, he did not think that the child would be so afraid of ghost talk.




Then he tied a thread in the child’s hand one day and said – “Now there is no need to fear the ghost. See this, God will be with you. ”The child became happy. Now he started going out again. One day, by accident, the thread of his hand fell and fell somewhere.




The child came to the bewildered Baba and showed him an empty wrist and said – “Baba, God has gone!” What should I do now? ”Then Baba explained to him -“ Son, there was nothing ghost on the banks of the river and there was no God in the thread. These were made by us.




The man should not be afraid. No one can spoil someone whose heart is strong. ”The child now understood the real thing and started living happily.




6- An ascetic lived in a forest. He was very rishi. His austere force was too high. Every morning he used to bathe in the river and meditate on a stone on the banks of the river. Nearby was his hut, where his wife also lived.






One day a strange incident occurred. After finishing his penance, by bowing to God, he had opened his hands that a small bird fell in his hands.





In fact, in the sky, an eagle was being pressed under the claw and accidentally the chuhiya fell from the claw. Rishi looked at the trembling chuhiya in fear of death.




Shree and his wife had no children. Many times the wife had expressed the desire for children. Rishi used to give comfort.





The sage knew that the happiness of becoming a mother by giving birth to children with his womb is not written in his wife’s fortune.





Luck cannot be written, but he did not want to hurt his wife by telling this truth with his mouth. They also kept thinking about which solution to overcome this lack of life of the wife.





Rishi took pity on the little girl. He closed his eyes and read a mantra and with the power of his penance, made Chuhiya a human child.





He reached home carrying the girl in his hands and said to his wife, “Subhaghe, you always wished for a child. Understand that God has heard your prayer and sent this girl. Consider it as your daughter and take care of it. ”





His wife was very happy to see the baby girl. He took the girl in his hands and started kissing, “What a lovely baby girl.” This is my baby girl. I will follow it like a daughter. ”





In this way, she became a human child and grew up in the family of Rishi. His wife started taking care of him like a true mother.




He named the girl Kanta. Sage also started loving fatherly with Kanta. Gradually he forgot that his daughter was once a chuhia.





The mother then fell in love with the child. She would feed and play with him day and night. Sage would be happy to see his wife looting Mamta, that after all, she was not sad to not have children.





The sage himself also taught Kanta at the appropriate time and taught all knowledge and science. Time started flying with wings.





Seeing the love of the mother and the affection and education of the sage, Kanta became a beautiful, beautiful and capable young woman of sixteen years.





Mother started worrying about the daughter’s marriage. One day he said to the sage, “Listen, now our kantas are married.” We should turn his hands yellow. ”





Then Kanta arrived there. He had placed flowers in his hair. A youth was glowing on the face. Rishi felt that his wife was right. He said softly in his wife’s ear, “I will find the best groom for our daughter.”





He invoked Suryadev with his Tapobal. Surya appeared in front of the sage and said, “Pranam Munishri, tell me why did you remember me?” What are the commands? ”





The sage pointed to Kanta and said, “This is my daughter.” All virtues are good-natured. I want you to marry him. ”





Then Kanta said “Tat, it is very hot. My eyes are burning. How do I marry them? I will never be able to go near them, nor will I be able to see. ”





The sage patted Kanta and said, “Okay. See other and superior brides. ”





Suryadev said, “Lord, clouds are superior to me. He also covers me. Talk to him. ”





At the summoning of the sage, clouds appeared to be thundering and shining and the lights shone. On seeing the cloud, Kanta protested, “Tat, these are very dark colors. I have a fair complexion. Our pair will not be frozen. ”





Rishi asked Badal, “Tell me who is better than you?”





Badal replied “Pawan. He also takes me away. I keep going at the behest of him only. ”





The sage called for the wind. When Pawan Dev appeared, the sage asked Kanta, “Daughter, do you like this groom?”





Kanta shook his head “No Tat! It is very fickle. A place will not last. How will the place become frozen with it? ”





Rishi’s wife also said, “We will not give our daughter Pawan Dev. Son-in-law should at least be something that we can see with our eyes. ”





The sage asked Pawan Dev, “Tell me who is better than you?”





Pawan Dev said, “Shiva, the mountains are better than me. They block my path. ”





At the call of Rishi, Parvataraja appeared and said, “Lord, why did you miss me?”





Rishi told the whole thing. Parvatraj said, “Ask me if I like your girl?”





Kanta said “Oh! These are stones. Its heart will also be of stone. ”





When the sage asked Parvatraj to tell him even better than that, Parvatraj said, “Rat is better than me. He pierces me and makes a bill and lives in it. ”






As soon as Parvataraja said this, a mouse came out of his ears and jumped. On seeing the rat, Kanta jumped up with joy, “Taat, Taat! I like this mouse very much. Marry me with this only. I love its ears and tail. I want this bridesmaid. ”





The sage made a chuhia a human with the help of mantra, but his heart remained a chuhiya. The sage again made Kanta a chuhiya and married her to a rat and sent them both away.





Lesson: The rites of the animal in which the vagina is born remain. Nature cannot be changed by fake measures.


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