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English Moral Story Short

english moral story short
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english moral story short In a king’s bedroom, the larvae named Mandarisarpini was kept camping. Every night when the king goes out, he goes out secretly and sheds the king’s blood and then goes to his place.

Incidentally, one-day bedbugs named Agnimukh also reached the king’s bedroom. When Lion saw him, he asked to leave. He did not tolerate any other’s interference in his jurisdiction.

english moral story short

But the bedbugs were also very clever, he said, “Look, this is not treated like this from the guest, I am your guest tonight.” Lice eventually came into the smooth-talking things of the bedbugs and offered her asylum,

“Well, you can stay here overnight, but if you cut the king, then not to suck his blood.”

The bedbugs said, ‘But I am your guest, to give me something to eat. And what could be better food than Raja’s blood? ”

“Okay.” The zoo said, “You should secretly suck the blood of the king, it should not be an illusion of pain.”

“As you say, it will be exactly the same.” Bedbugs started waiting for the arrival of the king in the bedroom.

When the night was over, the king came and fell asleep on the bed. Seeing him bedbugs forgot everything and started cutting the king, to suck blood.

He had tasted such tasty blood for the first time, so he started cutting his blood by cutting the king heavily. This caused a sharp itching in the body of the king and he was sleepy. He filled his anger and asked his servants to find and kill the bedbugs.

After listening to this, clever bedbugs then hid under the wings of the pumps, but sitting on the corner of the sheet came under the eyes of Raja’s servants. They caught him and killed.

Education- Never believe strangers.

   English moral story short        english moral story short 

A demon crab was ever inhabited in a lake in the Himalayas. An elephant was his most beloved diet Whenever the elephant’s flock came to the lake to drink water or water, one of them would make his own diet.

Because there was no other source of water in that forest for the elephant group. Therefore, Gajraj sent his pregnant woman to a distant land, in such a way that it was not possible that the demon and the crab be made to grind.

After a few months, the female elephant gave birth to a beautiful and strong elephant. When he grew up, he asked his father’s place and wanted to know why he had got father’s disconnection for so many days.

When he got to know all the things, he came to the same forest in the Himalaya to meet his father by taking the mother’s order.

Then he bowed down to the Father expressing himself and expressed his desire to kill the demon Karka and demanded the Father’s command and blessing for this great task.

The father initially rejected his request, but repeatedly requested him to give his son the opportunity to showcase his heroes.

The son prepared his army and traced all the activities of his enemy. It was then known that he caught the crab elephants only when they started coming back from the lake; And in those who returned, he caught the same elephant who used to come out at the end.

He made plans for favorable information and entered the lake with his colleagues to drink water. She was also her lover among those companions.

When all elephants started to come out of the lake, they deliberately left behind. At that time the crab caught his last leg on a proper occasion in such a way that a blacksmith could catch a body of iron with his pinch.

When the elephant wanted to draw his leg, he could not even get a breath. The elephant started screaming, who was alarmed by hearing the elephants.

They did not come to help him and stood around. Elephant called his beloved and sought help from him. The lover loved the elephant with a true heart. Immediately came to him to rescue his beloved and said to the crab-

“You are a brave crab
No other like you
Yes he is Ganga or Narmada
No one is like a mighty one like you. ”

Pleased with the love of a female elephant, the crab has relaxed his grip. When the elephant started a happy spell, hearing that all the elephants gathered and shook the crab and brought it to the shore and crushed and crushed with the feet to make it sauce.

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