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english moral stories
Written by MoralAbhi

english moral stories :- It was a long time ago that a farmer named Mohan lived in a village. He was very hardworking and honest. People knew him and praised him for a long time due to his good behavior. But one day when he was returning from work in the fields late in the evening, on the way, he heard some people talking, they were talking about the same.



Mohan started following them slowly without telling them to listen to his praise, but when he listened to them, he found that they were doing evil to him, someone was saying, “Mohan is arrogant.”, Then someone was saying That “Everyone knows he pretends to be good…”




Mohan had only heard his praise earlier but this incident had a very bad effect on his mind and now whenever he sees some people talking, he feels that they are doing evil to him. Even if someone praises him, he feels that he is being made fun of. Gradually everyone started realizing that Mohan has changed, and his wife too was saddened by the change in her husband’s behavior and one day he asked, “Why are you so upset today; please give me the reason for this Please tell. ”




Depressed, Mohan told about that day. The wife also did not understand what to do, but then she realized that a Siddha Mahatma had come to a nearby village, and she said, “Swami, I came to know that a saint arrived in the neighboring village. Come on. Let’s ask them some solution. ”



The next day he reached the camp of Mahatma Ji.



Mohan narrated the whole incident and said, Maharaj, since that day everyone praises my evil and false, please tell me how I can get back my credibility!! ”



Mahatma had understood Mohan’s problem.



“Son, leave your wife home and stay in my camp tonight.”, The Mahatma said while thinking something.



Mohan did the same, but when it was time to sleep at night, suddenly the sound of the frogs’ turr-turr started coming.


Mohan said, “Ye kya Maharaj, why is there so much uproar here?”



“Son, there is a pond behind, at night time the frogs present in it start to sing their melody !!!”




“But in such a situation no one can sleep here,” Mohan expressed concern.




“Yes son, but you tell me what we can do, if possible, help us”, said Mahatma Ji.




Mohan said, “Ok Maharaj, after hearing so much noise, the number of these frogs will be in thousands, I will bring fifty-six laborers from the village tomorrow and hold them and leave them in the distant river.”




And the next day Mohan reached there in the morning with the morning laborers, Mahatma Ji was standing there watching everything.




The pond was not very big, 8-10 laborers laid a net from all fours and started catching the frogs… All the frogs were caught in a little effort.




When Mohan saw that only 50-60 frogs have been caught, he asked Mahatma Ji, “Maharaj, last night there were thousands of frogs, but where did they all go today, only a handful of frogs left here Are. ”




Mahatma Ji said with seriousness, “No paddock has gone anywhere, you heard the sound of these frogs yesterday, only a handful of frogs were making so much noise that you thought thousands of frogs were turning. Son, similarly when you heard some people committing their own evil, you sat making the same mistake, you felt that everyone does your evil, but the truth is that the people who did evil were just like a frog. So the next time you hear someone doing evil, then remember that there may be only a few people who are doing this and also to understand that no matter how good you are, there will be some people who will Will do you evil. ”





Now Mohan had realized his mistake, he had again become the old Mohan.




Friends, like Mohan, we should not understand the behavior of some people and treat our lives with a positive frame of mind. We can do anything but at some point in life, there is a problem that looks like in the darkness of night, as if thousands of frogs are walking in their ears. But when we try to solve it in broad daylight, then the same problem seems to be small. Therefore, instead of worrying in such situations, we should try to find a solution and never panic with a handful of frogs.




2-A bucket of milk:-english moral stories


Once a pandemic spread in the kingdom of a king. People started dying all around. The king took many measures to stop it, but nothing happened and people kept dying. The sad king started praying to God. Then suddenly there was an All India Radio.




A voice came from the sky that, O king, the old dry well in the middle of your capital, if one bucket of milk is poured from each house of the state on the night of Amavasya, then this epidemic will end the next morning and people will die. Will stop The king immediately announced to the entire state that to avoid the epidemic, it is mandatory to pour one bucket of milk from every house on the night of Amavasya.




On the night of Amavasya, when the people had to pour milk in the well, the same night a clever and stingy old lady living in the state thought that all the people would put milk in the well, what would anyone know if I put a bucket of water alone.




With this thought, that stingy old lady quietly put a bucket of water in the well at night. The next day, when it was morning, people were dying the same way. Nothing had changed because the epidemic had not ended. When the king went to the well and wanted to know the reason for this, he saw that the well was filled with water. Not a single drop of milk was there. The king understood that due to this reason the epidemic did not go away and people are still dying.




Actually, this happened because the idea that came in the mind of the old lady came in the mind of the people of the entire state and no one put milk in the well.





Friends, as happened in this story, it also happens in our life. Whenever there is such a thing that a lot of people have to do together, we often step back from our responsibilities thinking that someone will do it and because of our thinking, the conditions become the same She lives. If we start taking responsibility for our share regardless of others, then the members of the whole country can bring the change that we need today.





3- Sukrat And Mirror story .


english moral stories



The philosopher Sukrat was impure in appearance. He was sitting alone looking at his face with a mirror in his hand.




Then one of his disciples came into the room; He found something strange when he saw Socrates in the mirror. He did not say anything, just smiled. Seeing the smile of the scholar Socrates disciple, everyone understood and after some time said, “I understand the meaning of your smile…. Maybe you are wondering why a man like me is looking in the mirror?”




The disciple did not say anything, his head bowed in shame.



Socrates then started speaking, “Maybe you don’t know why I look in the mirror”



“No”, said the disciple.



Guruji said, “I am ugly, so I see the mirror every day”. Seeing the mirror, I realize my stupidity. I know my form. That’s why I try every day to do good deeds so that my malpractices are covered. “.



The disciple found it very instructive. But he expressed a doubt – “Then Master, according to this logic beautiful people should not look in the mirror?”




“Not like that!” Socrates explained, saying, “They must also look in the mirror”! So that they should be careful to do as beautiful as they look, no bad work should cover their beauty and consequently make them ugly.




The disciple came to know the secret of Guru Ji’s talk. He bowed down to the Guru.




Dear friends, the saying is that beauty is reflected in the mind and emotions. The beauty of the body is instantaneous, while the aroma of the beauty of the mind and thoughts spreads far and wide.



4 – kids storyline :-



Once upon a time, there was a lion that grew so old that he was unable to kill any prey for his food. So, he said to himself, I must do something to stay my stomach else I will die of starvation.




He kept thinking and thinking and at last an idea clicked him. He decided to lie down in the cave pretending to be ill and then who-so-ever will come to inquire about his health, will become his prey. The old lion put his wicked plan into practice and it started working. Many of his well-wishers got killed. But evil is short-lived.




One day, a fox came to visit the ailing lion. As foxes are clever by nature, the fox stood at the mouth of the cave and looked about. His sixth sense worked and he came to know the reality. So, he called out to the lion from outside and said, How are you, sir?




The lion replied I am not feeling well at all. But why don’t you come inside?




Then the fox replied, I would love to come in, sir! But on seeing, all footprints going to your cave and none coming out, I would be foolish enough to come in.




Saying so, the fox went to alert the other animals.




 Always Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alert before Walking in Any Situation.





5- Donate generously, not with pride:-



King Janushruti was a great donor of his time. One evening he was resting on the roof of the palace when a pair of white swans passed through the sky-road talking to each other.



Hans was telling his wife. Do you not see the light emanating from the body of King Janushruti. Save it, otherwise, it will get scorched.




Hansini smiles, dear why do you terrorize me? Is Yash not contained in all the king’s donations, so I am fine. Whereas Sant Rack is absorbed in solitude? Their sharpness is made soon. And in the true sense are donors.




In the heart of Janushruti, the conversation of Laughs like thorns. He ordered the soldiers to locate Saint Rack. After searching a lot, in a secluded place, the saint found himself sitting under his car.




Janushruti came to Raiqua with several chariots, horses, cow and gold currencies from the royal splendor. Rach, rejecting the valuable gifts, said that the friend despises all this knowledge. Knowledge is not traded.



The king returned in embarrassment. A few days later, he reached the Rack empty-handed, curious. Seeing the curiosity of the king, the raik preached that donate, but not generous with pride, not with ego, donate freely. Raja was impressed to hear Raqua and returned.





6–  The King Of Chandanpur:-



It was a long time ago, the king of Chandanpur was very majestic, there were discussions about his prosperity from far and wide, every comfort item was available in his palace, but still, his mind was disturbed from inside. He sought many astrologers and pundits to know the reason for this, met many scholars, some wore a ring, some performed a Yagya, but still the king’s grief did not go away, he did not get peace.




One day the king changed his disguise and went on a tour of his kingdom. While walking, he passed near a field, when he looked at a farmer, the farmer was wearing torn clothes and he was eating food in the shade of the tree.




Seeing the clothes of the farmer, it came in the mind of the king to give some gold coins to the farmer so that some happiness can come in his life.





The king went in front of the farmer and said – “I am a passerby, I have got these four gold coins fell on your field because this field is yours, so keep these currencies for yourself. ”




Farmer – “Na – Na Seth Ji, these currencies are not mine, keep it to yourself or donate it to someone else, I don’t need them. ”




The peasant’s response was strange to the king, he said, “Who does not need money, but how can you not do Lakshmi?”




“Seth Ji, I earn four visits a day, and I am happy to be that only …”, the farmer said.




“what? You earn only four arrivals, and are happy to be that, how is this possible! ”, The king asked with surprise.



“Seth Ji”, the farmer said, “Happiness does not depend on how much you earn or how much money you have…. Happiness depends on the use of that money. ”




“So what do you do with these four?”, The king questioned in a tone of derision.




The farmer also did not want to get into a stupid debate and he went ahead and replied, ”



One of these four people I put in the well, pay the loan from the other one, lend the third one and bury the fourth in the soil…. ”




The king started thinking, he did not understand this answer. He wanted to ask the farmer what it meant, but he was gone.




The king called a meeting the very next day and heard the incident of yesterday in the whole court and asked the meaning of that statement of most farmers.





The courtiers presented their arguments but no one could satisfy the king, in the end, it was decided to call the farmer to the court.




After much searching, the farmer was found and instructed to appear in tomorrow’s meeting.





The king told the farmer to take a tour on that day, changing his disguise and made him sit in the court respectfully.




“I am impressed by your answer, and want to know the account of your four coming; Tell, how do you spend your earned four years, which you can remain so happy and satisfied? ”, The king asked.





The farmer said, “Huzur, as I told you, I put one anna in the well, that is, I take care of my family, I pay the debt, and I serve it to my old parents. I put it in, the third one I lend, that is, in the education of my children, and the fourth I bury in the soil, that is, I save a penny so that when the time comes, I will ask someone. Do not ask for it and I can apply it for religious, social or other necessary work. ”





The king had now understood the point of the farmer. The king’s problem was solved, he knew that if he is to be happy and satisfied, he too must use his earned money properly.




7-Who Will Eat The Hay:- One day a camel, a goat, and an ass were walking down the road when they saw a bundle of hay lying road-side. But it was not sufficient for all three of them.



The ass said, “This hay is not enough for all three of us. Let the oldest among us eat it.” The goat and the camel agreed. But they started arguing about who was older among them. Suddenly, the camel started eating the hay.



The goat shouted, “What are you doing?”



At this, the camel replied, “You just said that the oldest may eat it. Look at my knobby joints and wrinkled skin. So, I am the oldest.”



Saying this, the camel went ahead and ate the hay.




8-Be polite in life:-



A Chinese saint became very old. When the time of death came near, all his disciples gathered to listen to the sermon and pay their last respects.



He did not give a sermon, he opened his mouth and asked the disciples, see what teeth are there in it?



The disciples replied – not even one.



The second time he opened his mouth and asked – See, is there a tongue in it?



All the disciples answered in one voice yes – it – is.



The Saint then asked – Okay, tell me one thing. The tongue was born and will remain until death and the teeth grew behind and went first. What is the reason for this?



Nobody could answer this question.



The saint said that the tongue is soft, so it rests. The teeth were stiff so they were uprooted.





9-English Story Telling



There was a court of a king. Because it was winter day, the king’s court was sitting in the open. The entire general assembly was sitting in the morning sun. The King placed something precious like a table in front of the throne. The Pandit people were sitting in all the courts of the Diwan.




Members of the king’s family were also seated. At the same time, a person came and asked for entry, he got admission, so he said, I have two things, I go to the king of every kingdom and I keep my point, no one can judge, everyone loses and I am moving around as a winner now. I have come to your city.




The king called and said, what is the matter, he put both the items on the table exactly the same shape, the same color, the same light, everything, like a Sikh, the king said that both of these things are one, the person said yes, but she gives one. Is different. One of them is a very precious diamond and one is a piece of glass.




But the appearance is all the same, till date no one has been able to test which diamond is it and which glass can be tested and tell if it is a diamond. If the test fails, I will lose and I will deposit this precious diamond in the coffers of your state.




If someone does not recognize, then you have to give me the same amount of money that this diamond is worth. Similarly, I have won many states. The king said, I will not be able to test, the Diwan said that we also cannot dare because both are exactly the same. All the losers could not muster any courage.





There is no question that you will have to pay money if you lose because the king has a lot of wealth, everyone was afraid that the king’s reputation will fall. No person was able to recognize, after all, there was some movement behind, a blind man got up with a stick in his hand. He said, “Take me to the king, I have heard all the things and also heard that no one is able to test.”





Give me an opportunity, with the help of a man, he reached the king. He prayed to the king, I am blind from birth, yet I should be given an opportunity so that I too can test my intellect once and be successful and if not successful then you will lose anyway Is only.





The king felt what was wrong in giving it an opportunity. The king said, okay, the blind man has touched both things and asked which diamond is in it and which glass is to be tested.





The legend says that the man said in a minute that this is a diamond and this glass.




The man who came after conquering so many states bowed down and said that he is right. You are recognized and blessed. According to my promise, I am giving this diamond in the vault of your state.




Everyone became very happy and the man who came. He was also very happy that at least someone found a tester. That king and all the other people expressed the same curiosity to that blind person that how did you recognize that this is a diamond and that glass.




The blind man said that it is a simple matter, the owner is sitting in the sun. I touched both which were cold, the diamond which became hot, the glass.




10-Two Neighbours:-  english moral stories



Once there were two ladies who were neighbors. One of them was very fat while the other was very thin. They always kept fighting with each other. All other neighbors were fed up of their quarrels.



One day, an elderly person said to both the ladies, “Why do you quarrel so much? Can’t you be like the wheels of a two-wheeler where one wheel compliments the other?”



At this, the thin lady said, “Yes, but how can a vehicle move smoothly when one tire is of a tractor and other of a cycle.”



Everybody present there started laughing, hearing such a witty answer.



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